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Our activity is focused in presenting to our visitors the secrets and wonders our land has to offer, using all-terrain vehicles to ease the access into the hidden zones. 


Being a unique experience for children and curious explorers, sharing stories and legends as well as the rails that cross nature with comfort and safety. 


During our tours we always have in consideration comfort, safety and environmental protection in a way to share and respect our patrimony. 


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Our team

Our team is made up of people who fell in love with the county of Mafra, sharing our home´s beloved patrimony is our main goal as well as the tales we grew up hearing and telling, offering visitors the legends shared long ago.

Where to
find us

Near Mafra´s National Palace

Site: www.trilhoselendas.pt
E-mail: tour@trilhoselendas.pt
Phone number: (+351) 913 111 992

GPS coordinates:

N 38º 56’ 12.8862”, W9º 19’39.5292”

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